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  • When DNA is Wrong - Paperback

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    Gabrielle is a man who has damned himself with bad decisions and immoral behavior. His family is caught in the crosshairs and must bear the brunt of his behavior. He cares about only two people in his life: himself, and Gabrielle.

    In the wayward journey he has undertaken in his life, he finds himself becoming the victim. That is, he becomes the victim in a murder case. He is not the person who is killed, but becomes the person who is accused.

    Piece by piece, the evidence stacks up against him like bricks that build a wall. The bricks divide and isolate his family on the other side of the wall, and he finds himself in deep danger of being found guilty of murder. He angrily and passionately professes to everyone he can wave a stick at, that he hasn't committed the crime.

    His pleas fall on deaf ears. Nobody hears his vehement cries of innocence. Not the judge, jury, prosecuting attorneys, or even his family. When the verdict is found, he is led away and is forced into his new life - a prisoner who will rot until he meets his maker. Even the DNA says he did it, but how could that be? Can DNA really be wrong?